My Kivi Park is a place I go with friends and family.

I’ve been going to Kivi for years. Even before it was Kivi the park at Long Lake Public School was an amazing feature of our neighborhood. Winter evenings skating at the rink, having a kick about on the soccer field, stopping on our way home to let the kids play in the playground. I was excited to hear about the transformation from Long Lake Public School to Kivi Park. Little did I realize just exactly what the scope of the new park would be and how it would transform our neighborhood and our city.

New parks like this don’t come about very often. They are something that happens perhaps once a generation if we’re lucky. What started as a small patch of land has grown to a huge outdoor playground for us to enjoy. Watching how the park has brought people together in Sudbury has been one of the most incredible outcomes. People and businesses working together with the city, donating time, money and resources to see something good flourish. Most of all I’m glad that I’ve been able to share Kivi with my family. Glad that we have this piece of paradise close by to stop in for a quick play at the rink, or to pack a lunch and go explore deep in the park. Whatever we feel like doing that day.