A pristine view overlooking the land of Kivi Park atop Kivi Peak.

Kivi Park, a new multi-use sports and outdoor park developing in the city’s south end, is growing thanks to the generous donation of lifelong Sudbury resident Lily Fielding.  Located on the site of the former Long Lake Public School, Kivi Park has expanded to include another 300 acres of land donated by Mrs. Fielding, making it Sudbury’s largest park – 23 times larger than Bell Park.

Kivi Park provides public access to crown land leading to three pristine lakes – Crowley Lake, Linton Lake and Camp Lake – and provides a city connection to Killarney Provincial Park. The project will also see a dramatic expansion to the existing sports facilities.
Kivi Park is designed as a destination park for residents and visitors alike, with a vision to create a space that encourages healthy active outdoor living through organized sport, extensive trails, recreational space and lakes.

Mrs. Fielding with Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger and Ward 9 Councillor Deb McIntosh at Kivi Park celebrating Mrs. Fielding’s donation that made Kivi Park possible.


Mrs. Fielding holds the area close to her heart.

“I have lived in Long Lake my entire life,” said Mrs. Fielding. “I grew up and went to school here, married my husband Cliff at the Voima Hall and together we raised our children in the community. I wanted to do something special in my 100th year, to give back to the community that has given so much to me.”


Kivi Pond, one of the many water features in the new Kivi Park.

Mrs. Fielding is donating the park in memory of her parents Susanna and John Kivi and the many more Finnish immigrants who settled in the area and helped shape Sudbury into a dynamic and vibrant city.

Thanks to this donation, Kivi Park will not only increase the number of available sports fields in the City of Greater Sudbury, but will lead to the creation of additional recreational activities that will benefit the entire community. Over time it will become a year round destination for outdoor adventure and sport tourism.

World Champion and Cross Country Skiing Olympian Devon Kershaw, knows the Long Lake area very well.  Kershaw grew up skiing, running and roller-skiing in the landscape that includes the Kivi Park and sees a strong connection between the landscape of the region, the development of elite athletes and safe places for recreation.  “It’s fitting to see a park of this caliber being created in Northern Ontario, as a destination with sport and cross country ski trails through beautiful Canadian Shield forests, hills and lakes. This is exactly the setting that has produced national level athletes as well as countless hours of family enjoyment in our Canadian outdoors.”

You can see the playing fields at Kivi Park where Long Lake School used to be.

Brian Savage, Former NHL Star added, “The outdoor hockey rink, soccer field, baseball diamond, basketball court and sports fields will all be upgraded to provide up to date venues to support active lifestyles, youth and adult sports leagues, up-and-coming high performance athletes and community wellness throughout the region.”

Crowley Lake is over 43 hectares in size has no homes or camps on its shores.

Melissa Sheridan, President of CRCS Recreation and who successfully led the recent creation of the DJ Hancock Memorial Park stated that “Our goal with the additional space and natural beauty of Kivi Park is to create the best play environment for children in all of Northern Ontario by integrating best in class play structures and active facilities with cutting edge child development design.  This play space will be unique from any others in the region.  The design features nature inspired play equipment to encourage active and imaginative play by children of all ages and abilities.”

The Community is invited to come and celebrate a Summer Family Fun Day at Kivi Park on Tuesday August 16th, 2016 from 5 p.m. -7:30. p.m. In the event of rain, the festivities will be pushed to August 17th.

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