During these uncertain times, we understand the importance of enjoying fresh air and getting out of our homes and into nature. However, this comes with great responsibility.

For the safety of our community Kivi Park is partially closed. Our playgrounds, washrooms, chalet and all other buildings are CLOSED.

Our guests must be diligent and follow the mandatory protocols in place to keep all of us safe. If you wish to access our trails, please do so with caution and respect for the following COVID-19 preventative measures:

Please park a far distance from other cars (10 ft between cars). Where possible and or access our trail system from our 3 parking lots located on Raft Lake Road. To access, guests must follow McFarlane Lake Road past Futurescape Landscaping and turn right onto Raft Lake Road.

– Do not, at ANY time, congregate in groups or meet others at the park. Enjoy the park with ONLY the members of your family from within the same household.

– Please respect the closure of ALL buildings, vending machines and the playground facilities at this time to help reduce the amount of traffic to high-touch areas.

-Washroom are closed, so please be sure to use the washroom before you leave your home.

– Please practice social distancing while at the park and keep a distance of 10 ft. between yourself and other guests.

-Bring your own sanitizers, wipes etc and use often.

– If you have ANY symptoms or have been travelling in the past two weeks, have come in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID19 we request that you do not use the Park and continue to self-isolate as required.

During this uncertain time, we would like to remind guests of the Affordability Fund available to those who may not have the means to pay for a pass.

Thank you for respecting our protocols. Stay safe and be well!