An adventurous four-season destination for the entire family.

Kivi Park is a unique charity offering over 480 acres of land to be explored and enjoyed in Greater Sudbury. The park is filled with all the biodiversity that Sudbury is known for with some of the regions best waterways. The 55.7km trail network is expertly maintained year-round for activities like hiking, mountain biking, fat biking, snowshoeing, and both classic cross-country skiing and skate skiing. The park can be explored by water at Crowley Lake where canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals are available. And the magic of Kivi at night is found at Nina’s Way skate path, a lit-up winding path through Kivi’s forest. Offering a wide variety of activities for any season, Kivi Park is a destination for the entire family to enjoy.

  • World Class Park

    Kivi Park’s world class playground structure, the first of its kind in Northern Ontario with a mega tower and gravity rail. The park is home to Ontario’s first Training Centre for Para-Nordic Athletes and proud supporter of Paralympic athletes Collin Cameron and Kyle Barber.

  • Crowley Lake

    Crowley Lake is considered the hidden gem of Kivi Park. The newly created outpost offers kayaking, canoeing and paddle board rentals. Currently, Crowley Lake can be accessed by car or bike via Raft Lake Road however, future development includes a connection from Crowley Lake to the current trail system.

  • Local Charity

    We are driven by dedicated volunteers and staff. Revenue obtained through Kivi Park Passes and fundraising efforts are used to support the maintenance of the park's facilities. This is to ensure the park can be enjoyed for years to come at the calibre that you have come to enjoy and expect.

  • Our Vision.

    A premier destination for outdoor health and wellness,
    sport and adventure.

    Our Purpose

    • To provide a public amenity by establishing and maintaining a park, providing public recreation grounds, and establishing and maintaining hiking and walking trails in Kivi Park for the public;
    • To protect the environment for the benefit of the public by restoring the ecosystems and biodiversity in KiviPark, preserving natural animal habitats, though the reforestation of Kivi Park;
    • To advance education by supporting instructional programming and providing resources for interactive learning about the geography, ecology, science, and indigenous affairs connected to Kivi Park for the general public.

    Our Mandate

    • Offer world class amenities and services to our pass holders
    • Become a premiere destination for outdoor adventure across the province
    • Provide opportunities to enjoy Kivi Park regardless of age, gender, disabilities or financial means
    • Promote health, wellness and the importance of preserving our natural environment
    • Bring our community and beyond together to enjoy nature and outdoor adventure

    Professional Values

    Quality, Community, Responsibility, Visionary, Inclusivity.

    Our History.

    Four Season Outdoor Recreation Destination

    Lily Fielding was a humble philanthropist and lifelong resident of Long Lake, devoted to her family and community. Passionate about the outdoors, she dedicated her 100th year to celebrating her roots with a generous donation of 300 acres of land for the creation of Kivi Park. Kivi Park is the legacy of these passions, a destination for families and the community to come together to enjoy and recreate in the pristine setting of the boreal forest of her childhood. In short, a four season outdoor recreation and wellness destination to be enjoyed by all.

    Lily’s Founding Vision

    Lily’s vision for the park also reflects her view of the Greater Sudbury community, which is the gateway to Northern Ontario, and the most significant social, cultural and economic hub north of Toronto. Kivi Park clearly plays its part. In the few short years since opening, the Park has played host to numerous local and provincial sporting and cultural events and has been the chosen location for numerous philanthropic events and activities supporting local charities and organizations. It is also the only Para-Nordic training centre in Ontario and the training ground for countless other athletes.

    The Park already has established a foundation of trails and attractions to engage and challenge a broad range of visitors, from toddlers to seniors. Growth of the trail system will not only evolve the Park’s growing reputation as a must see destination, but will also develop more space to create memories, preserve and maintain precious green space, and provide an oasis for outdoor adventure that is accessible to all, regardless of age, skill or physical ability.

    What’s in a name?

    Kivi, meaning rock in Finnish, celebrates the history of its settlers.

    It also pays homage to the park’s position at the heart of the Canadian Shield, which forms the geological core of North America. Today, this formation boasts biodiverse experiences right inside the park boundaries.

    The Kivi Team.

    Kivi Park Team

    Kerry Lamarche, Executive Director

    Jasmine Bureau, Marketing, Event, and Volunteer Coordinator, Outdoor Educator

    Scott McVittie, Operations Manager

    Seasonal Staff

    Mani Cuza, Crowley Lake Seasonal Staff

    Finley Cuza, Crowley Lake Seasonal Staff

    Ava Hodgins, Crowley Lake Seasonal Staff

    Sidney Melanson, Park Maintenance Seasonal Staff

    Lead Volunteers

    Board of Directors

    Peter Byck, Corporate Director, Carya Capital Corp

    Perry Dellelce, Managing Partner, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

    Michael DiBrina, Area President, DiBrina Group

    Steven Dunlop, General Manager, KGHM International

    Mario Grossi, President, Technica Group Inc

    Claire Parkinson, Head, Processing Plants, Ontario at Vale

    Jeff Wallace, Partner, Silver Peak Capital

    Alicia Woods, CEO and Founder, Covergalls Inc

    Peter Xavier, Vice President, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations a Glencore Company

    Ashley Lerose, CEO, Science North

    Matt Marcuccio, Technica Group Inc

    Gerry Perdue, Director, MNC Investments Ltd.

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