Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kivi Park?

Kivi Park is a 12-month, 4-season attraction comprised of 480 acres of land and is a premier destination for outdoor health and wellness, sport and adventure. The park offers a 1.3km skate path through the forest, hiking, snowshoeing, fat biking, mountain biking and both classic and skate skiing trails. Canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding is also available at the Crowley Lake Outpost with options to portage to Linton Lake.

What is new at Kivi Park?

We are pleased that Nina’s Way skating path is now fully lit and features a sound system. We have also opened two new warming cabins, have new washroom facilities, and have two amazing fireplaces for warming on those cold days.

Do I need a Kivi Park Pass?

All visitors and guests are required to have a Kivi Park Pass. Park passes can be purchased online. You will need to showcase your pass on your mobile, printed or wearing your annual badge.

How much is the Kivi Pass?

All Kivi Park Pass pricing is listed on our pass purchase page. Click here for current pricing.

What if I can’t afford a Kivi Pass, will I still be able to use the park?

We’ve created an Affordability Fund through sponsorship and our Pay it Forward passes. People who do not have the means to pay can apply for the Fund on our website.

What parts of Kivi Park are covered by the Kivi Pass?

All the parts of Kivi Park that are on private land will require a pass, including the network of trails, the waterfront amenities, and the playground area. Children 10 and under will continue to enjoy these facilities for free, but other family members or visitors will require a Kivi Pass. The parts of Kivi Park on City property, such as the parking lot, multi-use fields, basketball courts, hockey rink and field house will remain free of charge.

Does the City of Sudbury own Kivi Park?

Kivi Park is a charity. The City of Sudbury owns the portion of the park that includes the main parking lot, multi-use sports field, hockey rink and field house.

If I live in the neighbourhood will I have to pay to use the playground?

If your home is within the local playground catchment area, you will temporarily be able to continue to be able to use the playground for free and must contact our Executive Director for more details.

How will passes be regulated?

Your pass card will have your name and expiry date. Passholders are required to carry their pass card with them at all times or have a photo of the card stored in their phone. You may be asked at random to show your pass.

When will I have to purchase a Kivi Pass?

Passes have been required since February 1, 2020. An annual Kivi Pass is renewable one year from the month of purchase. For those applying to the Affordability Fund, please allow two weeks for application processing.

Why is there a fee for people to use the Park?

Kivi Park is a wonderful gift that has been given to the citizens of Sudbury through the generosity of Lily Fielding and her family. Kivi Park is a magnificent, four-season attraction covering 195 hectares (480 acres) on privately owned land, with 60+ kilometres of walking, bicycling, snowshoe, skiing and skating trails, in addition to waterfront amenities and activities.

As you can imagine, it is quite expensive to maintain a facility of this size and scope, approximately $250,000 a year.

Up to now, Kivi Park has been maintained through the generosity of private donors. In order to ensure Kivi Park is enjoyed by citizens for generations to come, we are launching a whole new way of managing Kivi Park for the future.

We are a charity organization governed by a Board of Directors drawn from prominent members of the community, with an Executive Director who is responsible for the daily management of Kivi Park. We launched a stewardship model that will include regular fundraising activities, sponsorship opportunities.

The Kivi Pass is available as an annual or a day pass, with different rates. All passes can be purchased on the Kivi Park website and children 10 years of age and younger will continue to enjoy Kivi Park for free. Our rates are comparable to other charity and not-for-profit recreational facilities.

Passes are a common practice among other similar recreational facilities such as skiing and snowmobile trails, swimming pools and tourist attractions. We’re asking our patrons who use and enjoy Kivi Park to contribute toward its ongoing maintenance and further development.

Updated: Saturday, 4 January 2003

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