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5) Kivi Park Event Hosting Terms and Conditions

Event Hosting Terms and Conditions

Request Guarantee: Submitting a Kivi Park Booking Request does not guarantee the booking. Your request will be reviewed and replied to within 1-2 weeks.

Event Insurance: You must provide insurance submitted to us two weeks prior to your event. You MUST include the ‘Clifford and Lily Fielding, Charitable Foundation’ as well as ‘Kivi Park Community Foundation’ as additional names insured in your event insurance for a minimum of $5,000,000 in coverage.

Payment: Event fees are determined by the size and locations required at the park. Cheques must be made out to the Kivi Park Community Foundation and mailed to 4472 Long Lake Road, Sudbury, ON P3G 1K4. If required, an invoice can be created in order to pay online via credit card.

Kivi Park - Terms and Conditions:

  • If you are using the soccer field, ice rink or field house you must fill a separate event intake form through the City of Sudbury
  • Please remember Kivi Park is comprised of volunteers and is not responsible for the set up and tear down of events.
  • Any volunteers required for the event will be organized by the Event organizer.
  • Event organizers are required to remove all physical barriers immediately following the event.
  • Event organizers are required to remove ALL flagging tape used on the course as well as pylons and any other signage that was added.
  • No spray paint or permanent trail marker is to be used to mark a trail or route.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted within the park.
  • The use of the fire pit is only allowed if a designated fire pit has been rented for the event.
  • No smoking (cigarette, vape or cannabis) or alcohol on Kivi Park property.
  • Event organizers are responsible for any damage to the facilities and equipment. The organizer is required to report to a park representative immediately if damage occurs.
  • Tent pegs are not to be used unless event organizer purchases their own private locates. Sandbags are allowed.
  • It is up to the event organizers to ensure there are a reasonable amount of garbage’s and portable washrooms available for their anticipated number of guests/participants.
  • At no time will verbal or physical abuse toward Kivi Park staff, volunteers or visitors be tolerated. Kivi Park reserves the right to ask a guess to leave during an event, if inappropriate behavior is observed.
  • Balloons (latex or helium) and Chinese lanterns are prohibited on Kivi Park Property. Nonetheless, you are welcome to use eco-friendly decorations. If you’re unsure whether your decor is permitted, please consult with Kivi Park staff prior to event.

Crowley Lake - Terms and Conditions:

  • Use of the fire pit is prohibited.
  • Sea Cans and cabins are for Kivi Park Staff only. Visitors are not permitted to enter these spaces, unless authorized by a staff member.
  • All paddlers are required to wear a life jackets.
  • No smoking (cigarette, vape or cannabis) or alcohol on Kivi Park property.
  • Let a Crowley Lake staff know before taking a boat on the water.
  • Parking for corporate and private events is in the large parking lot before the gate*
  • Event organizers are required to bring home any garbage or recycling created during the event.
  • Be mindful of guests that are not a part of your event.
  • Watch for swimmers.
  • Make room for other paddlers.
  • Your event should not take more than 1/3 of the space.
  • Leave room in the shaded area for other guests.
  • Keep noise and music to an appropriate level.
  • Watch for bikers/walkers when driving and walking.
  • Do not block the dock/c cans/road/waterfront with car or furniture.
  • Make sure that your attendees respect our property, and the environment. Kivi Park property should not be damaged during your event. This includes furniture, buildings and structures, trees, grass, flowers.
  • Visitors are at no time permitted to interfere with wildlife. This includes feeding, capturing, and hunting animals.
  • If pets attend the event, they are required to stay on leash at all times.
  • Carpooling for events is ideal as we have limited parking space.
  • Any questions while the event is here can be directed towards Crowley Lake staff.
  • Kivi Park does not have lifeguards on duty. If kids are swimming without adult supervision, they must wear a life jacket in the water. Event organizers are responsible to hire their own lifeguard is they wish to allow kids to swim without a lifejacket.
  • if there are items to be unloaded, someone can drive up on the road, unload, and then return to the parking lot

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